Security Guard Training Canada

securitycanadaBecoming a security guard in Canada can be both a rewarding and exciting career choice. In fact, Canada is experiencing a growth in demand for guard services.

Ontario security firms, alone, are faced with exponential increase in need for trained officers. Businesses and individuals want to protect their properties and premises, and recognize the value-added service that guards provide. Now is an excellent time to pursue a career in the field.

How to get a Security Guard License?

Security guard training requirements will vary from province to province. Canadians will need to learn security safety tactics so that duties can be carried out in a professional manner.

Canadian Security Guard

In Canada, there are laws and regulations put in place by the government that regulate security activities. In all provinces, a security guard is recognized as a highly-trained licensed professional.

Most agents are employed by private security firms who are hired to

  • Guard property and patrol premises
  • Prevent crime and maintain order
  • Investigate and search for persons, information or property

In most cities such as Vancouver or Toronto, there are plenty of training courses available that are accredited organizations that will help you obtain your license. The private training courses offer a strict classroom training programs and meet minimum requirements outlined by the provinces.

Security Guard Careers

A security guard is paid profession that is in high demand. Training to become a security guard in Canada will open the door to a wide range of job opportunities which can include,

  • Industrial, commercial and private home patrol – prevent and detect signs of intrusion
  • Respond to alarms and investigate disturbances
  • Monitor and authorize entrance and escort departure of employees and visitors
  • Write reports and security logs
  • Communicate emergencies to Police and other authorities

Security Guard Training & Requirements

Generally, security guard training is a pre-requisite for obtaining a license. In fact, training to become a security guard will provide you with the right knowledge and expertise you need to land your next job. Most provinces will require that you complete a minimum number of hours of in-class training. Training programs offered by the schools are usually registered in the province and are regulated to meet the specific program criteria.

Security Guard Licensing

A security guard license allows you to work in a province to protect persons and property. In most cases, obtaining your license will allow you to work as a:

  • Security Guard
  • Body Guard
  • Bouncer
  • Private Investigator
  • Armed Guard

Each province in Canada will have similar training requirements. By Law, all provinces will require security guards to be licensed.

Security Guard Training Ontario

In Ontario, the security has seen an increase in demand of over 1600% over the last 40 years alone.  The demand for security guards is so high that there is a shortage in trained guards. A quick look into job boards and you will find hundreds of employment opportunities.

With the growing demand for protection services, Ontario recently changed their regulations to require all guards to complete 40 hours of training and to pass a written exam. Feel free to read about Security Guard Training in Ontario to learn about in-class courses and licensing requirements.